Coffee Creek Campground,  Santo Texas

Coffee Creek Campground, Santo Texas

It was getting a little scarey while at Camping World as they were closing the store and sending everyone home due to the conditions of the roads. Our 5 hour drive was now turning into 6 1/2 hours and we still had an hour drive to the next campground in Santo, Texas. As we were heading in that direction the sleet was coming down, the roads were icing up and the temperature was already down to 34. About the time we got settled in the snow started, the temps were now down and going down to 21 during the night.


And this is what we woke up to in the morning, we could hear the wind and the sleet hit the roof early on and kept watch all night. Guy was worried about our pipes on the coach freezing, we have heated floors inside and it should help keep the basement and pipes warm, and it worked great.

Laci and I had a great time walking around the campground taking pictures while Guy kept nice and warm in the coach. We decided that driving that day was not something we wanted to attempt but the sun was out and slowly as it was heating up, you could watch the snow melt. I was sad watching it melt but knew we needed to be in Odessa, Texas.

Driving Highway 10 thru Texas there was still lots of snow and ice, along with at least 35 – 40 cars and trucks that had slid all over the highway, into each other, into the center divider and up on the banks. Guy and I have never seen so many damaged cars and trucks. It was like a destruction derby had gone on in the night.

SPA_2401 From the snow we went right into the desert, with oil rigs and cactus. Our campground was right in the middle of the oil fields. Due to all the rain it was a white muddy mess on the coach and the truck. It was a very uneventful night which was just what we needed!


Odessa, Texas oil rig


The desert outside Odess, Texas

We headed into to El Paso, Texas where we were meeting some friends, Connie and Bill. Who we had met while we were in Key West, Fl, November 2014.  Our campground was just outside El Paso, Texas in Anthony, New Mexico.

You will have to wait until next time for the rest of the journey. Hugs to all, The Rovers