Rain, Rain, Rain!!

The day finally arrived, the coach was packed and off we went!! It was exciting to know we were heading out for new adventures but did we have to have them all in one day? It had been raining for the week before we left and was still raining as we left Alabama and headed to Mississippi.

photo 1
Shreveport, Louisiana

We stayed our first night in Louisiana at Cinnamon Creek RV Park. Our spot was not where I would have liked to be, right on the road but since it was just overnight so we dealt with it, the rain had stopped for awhile and we could sit outside and watch the cars go by!! We would not recommend this as a place to stay at it is mostly full timers.


I learned a valuable lesson, don’t talk on the phone when its your turn to find the gas station! Yes, we passed it and of course the next one wasn’t for 100 more miles. It’s not so easy turning our 60+ feet around so we held our breath and prayed we would make it.

It continued to rain and storm thru Louisiana and into Texas. Our windshield wiper was acting up on the driver side. It was coming loose and going to far to the left getting caught on the rubber molding around the window, then bang, it got caught and broke in half! Talk about scared, we both jumped!

Guy trying to fix the wipers

Poor Guy,  out in the rain trying to put on an extra wiper we had but of course it was the wrong size and didn’t work.  He ended up taking off  the passenger side and moving it over! We called Camping World, they said the wipers would need to be ordered! They were 70 miles away in Fort Worth, we decided to take a chance and headed there, luckily they had three! Go Figure!

There is a freeway system in Fort Worth/Dallas area called the High 5, which is 5 roadways on top of each other. We hit that area as the temps were dropping below 30!! Yes, it was still raining and starting to sleet. We had to drive on the top roadway twice, heading to Camping World and back. Wish I had taken a picture but I had my eyes closed!

We made it to our campground an hour to the west of Fort Worth, but I will save that story for another day.

Hugs to all! The Rovers

10 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Rain!!

  1. It has sure added excitement to the trip I will say that! If we can handle all this we can get through anything! It sure has been stressful driving for Guy, once this rain goes away things should be easier! You and Bill have a wonderful week with your son.

  2. High 5???? I think it’s called that because you give your self a high five for getting through there… lol

  3. Great way to follow you guys! Enjoy your adventure! Priceless comment: Wish I had taken a picture but I had my eyes closed! 🙂

    1. Franziska, I just found your comment. We are really enjoying this life style. You should see Guys beard! It’s really growing, he looks very good with it! Thanks for following us!

  4. It’s always precarious driving out West. One year when we were going to Wyoming we drove through Wind River. The storm that cropped up out of no where was so fierce that it almost blew us off the road!!! We were fish tailing like crazy and I, too, had my eyes closed!!!! Stay safe!!!

  5. I have totally missed ten gas station because of talking on the phone. As Lee says the work of the navigator is as hard as the driver. Took me awhile to get used to that 😄

  6. Have ya’ll found a maid yet. You need one to clean the popout each day while you are out touring.
    Please keep pumping that gas peddle and do not forget the way back home. We miss you!
    MR & BE

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