New Beginnings!

After waiting 30 years for the big “Retirement” it has finally happened! We are FreeFree, Free, to head out when and where we want!! The coach is getting packed and repacked! We keep running thru the house and stacking up more and more to take in our 400 sq ft and of course we probably won’t even need or use half of it.

Our house is still on the market for sale, sure hope it sells this spring or sooner, we will come back and check on it twice a year, June for Doctors and Dentist appointments, also to spend Christmas with the kids and grands.

We have been going through the downsizing process but, wow, is it hard to decided what we may need someday when we move back into the s&b. At first we thought we would just get rid of it all but there are so many non replaceable memories we find hard to part with. So it looks like we will have that preverbal storage unit. The kids have come and pout their names on what they would like, my sister Penny wants to come and get her pick in first!!

The beginning of our trip will be attending an Escapees Rally in Tuscon Az, visiting friends in El Paso and Round Rock, TX,  heading back to Gulf Shores to attend a rally with our FMCA camping group, Tampa for rv repairs, St. Augustine, Fl to see good friends, St. James, NC to visit my cousin and her husband, heading to Cape Hatteras, NC,  meeting up with friends we met at a RV Dreams rally in Sevieville, NC,  ending the trip in Marion, NC meeting with RV Dreams for a reunion rally.

This blog will be our way of keeping in touch and sharing our journey with friends and family along our way through this wonderful country.

13 thoughts on “New Beginnings!

  1. Hard to believe its finally here and you are on your way to new adventures…Wishing you fun and happiness along the way. I hope one day to hook up with you in our own rig.. But until then I will be jealous and have to live my adventures through your travels until retirement calls our names…Safe travels… Love to you both…

    1. It won’t be long “Princess” until you will be retiring!! What fun to travel together camping just like when we grew up!! Only we have graduated from sleeping on the ground!!

  2. so happy for you! Wish we could be at the reunion rally, but have two weddings, one on either weekend of the event! Im retiring end of June, and we take off July 1 for a 4 mos RV adventure….heading to Sturgis Rally, Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Canyon…we will be at our lot in N Georgia by mid october, ans its big enough for two rigs if you want to stop by for a few days!

    1. Hi Ellen, so happy for you, retiring!! It sure feels good to have Guy all to myself. Did you get the new house at the beach? One of these days we will get up to your place. We will be in New Mexico in October.

  3. Woo-hoo!! Our class is complete now! All this travel before May? When will you be in AZ? We will be there all of April. Congrats again. Blog is off to a good start. PS. you should add a “follow by e-mail” type feature.

  4. Hello!! It’s so great to hear from you!! Mark and Kaley send a big warm hug!
    Love hearing your stories, please keep them coming!
    I miss talking to you everyday!! Mark asked who do you talk to now? Sad face :0(
    Let me know when you guys will be in Tampa. Will try to make it!
    Hugs and kisses to you both xoxo

  5. Oh my gosh, this is wonderful. Leave it to you to figure it out, the “enormity” of your project. My first wish is for always feeling your best, staying safe and enjoying every minute. My next one would be sitting with you in North Carolina, petting Laci of course. “Hail to the Queen”

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